Are you short tempered? Click here to find out.

Do you get angry many times in the day?  (more than once a day?)

You’ll forget halfway through an argument what you’re even arguing about, because you do it that often.

 But you’ll carry on anyway, just to prove a point.

11 things you'll only know if you're a short-tempered person


People closest to you know to steer clear of you at certain times of the day. Like when you’ve just woken up. And before you’ve had lunch. And when you’re travelling home from work. And when you get home, because you’re tired from a long day.

Being proved wrong makes your blood boil. Yet proving someone wrong boosts your ego.

BELIEVING YOU KNOW something for a fact even if it makes no difference in the situation and can’t be proven. (for example fighting about what someone specifically said or did in the past) *only works if the action was not caught on tape or written at the time. 

Bringing up an issue over and over again after others have started a different topic.

Thinking that EVERY little disagreement needs to be resolved.

Typos, mispronunciation, and misinformation can lead to you constantly correct people and ultimately  makes you look like a total dick all the time. IF YOU KNOW WHAT THEY MEANT TO SAY, LET IT GO! Your attempt at correcting and informing them to “make them not sound stupid” is going to piss anyone off, especially if its done multiple times in a conversation.

You are habitual to saying mean things when angry. Sign #7. You are habitual to saying mean things when angry. 

All short-tempered people love to extend a small situation into a big one and make it as dramatic as possible. They get a sense of power when they feel they have hurt or made their “enemies” feel stupid/ wrong.

Believing others are the cause of their anger and expecting others to apologize for their aggressive behavior.

Getting upset when people don’t do as you say. The main thing to remember is that you can always suggest things but do not take it personally if the other person doesn’t do it. Just because you believe your way is the “right way” doesn’t mean you have the right to get angry or upset with them for choosing their own way.

Lashing out when you feel ignored is probably one of the bigger causes of anger. People with anger issues are more likely to have a bigger ego and when they aren’t heard or listened to they feel personally offended.

Expecting others to apologize to you when you get irrationally angry. (ultimately your harsh reaction is worse than the original offence the person did)

Realizing you got angry over something small many times a week and not doing anything about it.

If most of these apply to you please find


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