What is my Family Tree?

Unlike many of the people in the world I unfortunately never got to meet my grandparents on my mom’s side. And the Grandparents I do have, on my dad’s side are much to old to remember anything about their youth.

Now most of you probably know that I’m of Mexican decent, and I’m a first generation American. This is all find and dandy but there comes a point in time where sometimes I wonder “what events in history had to happen in order for me to be alive today”.

  • I wonder about their physical traits, if I look like them
  • I wonder about their education and how far they came in life.
  • I wonder about their accomplishments and if their talents were passed down to me.
  • I wonder about so many things yet I have not even a clue what my family tree even looks like!

The crazy thing is that I know for sure my race is a mixture of many different countries though I only ever identify as Mexican. Yet for some reason I have a feeling that I am so much more than that.

I know that in my own life and accomplishments I’v made something of myself but I still long for the unknown. I long for the comfort of knowing the struggles and sacrifices made that lead up to me.

I would use the Ancestry Tree helper but it’s too much money for information that I should already know. Also most of the records they have are from US-based census and hospitals. Nothing truly international or accurate.

For now I guess I’m left wondering. For now i’ll just stand still with this and see where my future offspring end up.

Best of luck to my daughter, and her children, and their children and so on. I’ll be sure to leave a good record for them to find someday.


Do any of you know your family tree? And if so how many generations back? anything interesting you know about your family past?

Feel free to comment!

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