Trend Power Transfer

Kendall and Kylie Jenner: best known for being the younger half sisters of the Kardashian’s.

If you where living under a rock for the past 10 years you might not know who they are, but most of us know exactly who these two young women are and might unknowingly have been following the trends set by the Kardashian effect. A world-wide phenomenon that successfully pushes advertising and marketing to mas consumers in an indirect way.

Yet in the past few months I have noticed a shift in the trends, focusing more on the two sisters than on the Kardashian’s themselves.

More and more millennials are hopping on the Jenner express and have started to mimic every outfit, makeup look and lifestyle choice these two women make, but why?

Well, age matters. 20 something year old’s are in control now. In every industry we are seeing younger and younger professionals. This means younger people are getting more money which in turns makes them valuable consumers. Consumers that brands LOVE to target. And who set the trends? Icons.

The time for the millennial take over is here and it seems to me like we have appointed our new style icons. Joining the Jenner’s in the game of influence are the Hadid sisters ( model friends of Kendall and Kylie) This group women is dominating social media and have grown to be sole inspirations for retailers everywhere constantly trying to mimic their aesthetic or pay them to be walking advertisements.

The effect is now changed. The baton has been passed down. The Jenner’s are responsible for the trends we all love (or pretend to love) and no matter how hard you try to escape it. The fashion cycle has a place for everyone.







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