Becoming Aware of Tech Evolution

Okay so this is a topic that not enough people are aware of.  Look around you, do you see that phone you’re holding? Or the laptop you’re typing on? Have you ever thought about how you would be reading this information if we were back 100 years? Didn’t think so.

But who would?! Why does it matter?! Why do I care about the past?

Well okay I’ll make it simple. If this was 1917 you would not be reading this poorly written blog on a touch screen device, you would be using a Vogue catalog! JK… The point is that you would have been reading it on paper. Whether it would be a magazine, flyer, newspaper or book; but are you? No, because we as humans have evolved so quickly in the past 100 years to the point where we have eliminated the NEED for paper.

We might still use paper because some people have just not caught up with the times, or… they like the feel of a paper book etc. But the truth is that we have lost the NEED for many things and converted it to tech that fits in our pockets or stored in “the cloud”.

It’s really amazing. We have taken Phones, Phone Books, Computers, GPS, Games, Clocks, and all other sorts of things and have compressed it down to a singular device that can be carried around in your purse. We even have entire busnisses online like Amazon. AND it can be used anywhere wirelessly and weighs less than a half a pound.

Did I just blow your mind?

I hope not! Because this is the reality we live in. If you haven’t noticed, we are living in the midst of the technological evolution and every month there is a new advancement in the capabilities that our devices can do!

Do you remember the Jetsons? Well back in the 60’s when the show first aired the ability to Facetime was seen as science fiction, they used a form of communicating live through monitors back and forth which in turn is what we do today using our phones and tablets.

Everything up to this point in time had been manually done with tools and resources. It’s amazing how far we have come.

Nothing is the same. 

In metropolitan cities around the world, we tend to have EVERYTHING instantly to the point where if someone wanted to live in their house forever and never come out, they pretty much could! We have integrated our lives with the technology around us to the point where I could instantly order anything with an app, pay for it, and have it delivered to my door within 2 hours. Amazon sells branded buttons that you can stick to the tissue box or pantry item of your choice and when you run out just press the button and you instantly buy it. 

The idea of total comfort and convenience has arrived to the real world and yet most of us take it for granted. WE ARE LIVING IN THE BEGINNING STAGES OF THIS SO CALLED FUTURE!

From my perspective, I believe most people don’t realize how far we have come as the human race with our technology and how if we utilize our resources correctly we could potentially save the planet we live on. This planet we call home. Earth.

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